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Log into Otelier

Log into Otelier

Log into Otelier to access your Otelier products

For IntelliSight Elite (DataVision) OR TruePlan (myPlan), use your existing URL.

For DigiAudit Plus (myDocs) Marriott access, scroll to the bottom of this page.


  1. Go to the Otelier homepage or open your Otelier launch portal URL.
  2. Click Log In.
  3. Select the required solution you need to access.
  4. Enter your Username and Password.
    If you don't know your password, follow the Reset your password instructions.
  5. Click Log In.
  6. Your solution or solution portal will open once you log in successfully.

DigiAudit Plus (myDocs) Marriott Users

Marriott users need to log into the Marriott Extranet with their Marriott EID username and password.

If you encounter any password issues, you need to contact Marriott Support for assistance.


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